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Welcome, we are Paymented

Meet Paymented's fully integrated suite of payment processing 

Paymented has direct relationships with the most innovative banking and processing partners who offer customized lower rates and a suite of innovative services to allow your business to accept all payments at low rates and save your business thousands every month. Paymented works with all business types and focuses on those that others label as "high-risk."


Industries We Serve


Student Loan

Tax Relief






We are a group of Payment Processing Professionals who are revolutionizing the industry by offering direct access to payment
processing for all low and high risk industries.

Who We Are

We provide e-commerce and retail businesses with access to state-of-the-art payment processing with significantly lower fees, better support, and seamless processing. Don't let anyone call you "high-risk" as an excuse to charge you more. 

What We Do

What You Should Do

Fill out the brief form below and a Processing Specialist will reach out to tell you how much you should be saving per month on processing fees and how to start saving today

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Don't give away thousands of dollars per month that you should be keeping.

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Easy setup

Seamless transition. We work NMI,, and all major gateways. From API integrations to powerful analytics - Paymented has it all.

Way Lower Fees

We offer direct access to many e-commerce and retail payment solutions, so you save thousands per month on percentage points of your rate and are not stuck in a  "high-risk" fee structure.

Excellent Service & Support

Your customers will love you.

Your business will thank you.

We are here for you. 

Innovative Tracking Portals & CRM Systems

Yes, you deserve to know where every penny of your revenue comes from and where it's going.

What are you waiting for?

Just get a free quote. Try us. You might be surprised with the rates we offer on payment processing. 


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